Fred Goes Waterless

Bottled-water company sells empty refillable bottles, flasks

Fred water flasks

Fred Water, Fred Empty & Fred Flask

LAS VEGAS -- Quirky bottled-water company Fred Water is taking its mission "to rid the world of sugar over-consumption" a step further.

After years of encouraging consumers to reuse its flask-shaped water bottles by filling them with tap water, the water company now offers its pocket-friendly water flask empty for filling and refilling from free water sources--both in plastic and aluminum versions.

As a progression of its commitment to "getting more water in more people" and promoting its positive effects on the body, the company is selling sturdy and refillable pocket-friendly plastic and aluminum flasks empty to be filled from "free water sources."

The established bottled-water business model relies on consumers “drinking and tossing,” according to the company. This led Fred to encourage consumers to reuse its bottles again and again from free water sources.  Selling empty water flasks is another step backing Fred’s mission-driven business model geared around making water easier to carry and cooler to drink. This makes the brand the first bottled water company to sell both full and empty refillable bottles.

“We get a lot of questions about our business model with this mission of promoting water, refilling and now empties,” said Adam Gayner, CEO and co-founder of Fred Water. “The model for Fred Water has been and always will be to do right by the consumer, exceed their needs and desires, and the business will sustainably grow and succeed. We innovate around consumer desires and know that we’re creating affinity and tremendous brand value with Fred.”

Fred Empty plastic flasks are available in 13.5- and 20-oz. sizes. The 18-oz. stainless-steel flasks are available in seven finishes: stainless steel, white, charcoal, gold, orange, army green and light blue.

The new "empty" option is an addition to the Fred Water tower introduced earlier this year. The reimagined old-fashioned water tower can be seen in hotel lobbies, skate parks, snow lodges, trendy cafes and high-design home use. Hand-polished, NSF-certified food-grade stainless steel, the tower sits more than four-and-a-half feet tall and is offered in 3-, 4- and 5- gallon sizes.