Mars Brings Skittles, Starburst Flavors to Lip Smackers

Partners with Markwins on Easter novelties

Mars Starburst Lip Smackers

MOUNT ARLINGTON, N.J. --Mars Retail Group (MRG) has paired with Lip Smacker and Markwins to create the four Easter novelties: Skittles- and Starburst-flavored Lip Smacker Trios packaged inside colorful plastic eggs.

Each egg contains three candy-flavored lip balms, and 12 eggs come in a 12-inch-by-12-inch countertop display at a variety of retailers nationwide with a suggested price of $4.95 each.

The first Skittles Trio includes the flavors of green apple, wild berry strawberry and strawberry, while the second trio features the exotic tropical blends of strawberry starfruit, banana berry and mango tangelo. One Starburst Trio includes strawberry, mango melon and orange, and the other contains the popular FaveReds flavors of cherry, watermelon and strawberry.

In addition to the seasonal novelties, shoppers will find candy flavors in several “everyday” Lip Smacker offerings on store shelves. Skittles-flavored lip balm is available as a Trio, an eight-piece Party Pack and an Image Partner Trio, with three Skittles lip products in one pack. Starburst-flavored lip balm is offered in an eight-piece Party Pack; a trio of Starburst FaveReds juicy red flavors of strawberry, watermelon, and cherry; and a trio of Starburst Tropical flavors of cherry kiwi, strawberry and orange.

“Consumers adore Skittles and Starburst Lip Smackers, so we’re innovating new and exciting ways they can enjoy their favorite fruit-flavored candy,” said John Capizzi, general manager of licensing for MRG. “We’re proud to team up with Markwins and Lip Smacker in creating these new offerings, which will make terrific Easter gifts.”

“As an iconic pop culture brand, we are thrilled to reinforce our partnership with Mars,” said Bill George, president of Markwins Beauty Products Inc., Los Angeles. “Starburst and Skittles brand Lip Smackers are some of our most successful products, and we look forward to adding new properties to our rapidly expanding global Mars portfolio. We will rely on Markwins Beauty Products’ strong distribution network to bring to passionate fans around the world even more fun, fruity and candy-colored flavors, which have largely contributed to Lip Smacker’s success and iconic status.”

Lip Smacker specializes in flavored lip balms and partnerships with iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Disney, Skittles and Starburst.

With headquartered in Mount Arlington, N.J., MRG creates and builds retail businesses for Mars Inc., including the M&M’s World stores. MRG also operates the company’s licensing and My M&M’s businesses, as well as the gourmet chocolate business that is sold under the Ethel M Brand name.

MRG is a division of Mars Inc. Based in McLean, Va., Mars has net sales of more than $33 billion and six business segments: Chocolate, Wrigley, Food, Drinks, Symbioscience and Petcare.

Brands include Chocolate (M&M's, Snickers, Dove, Galaxy, Mars, Milky Way and Twix); Wrigley (Doublemint, Extra, Orbit and 5 chewing gums; Skittles and Starburst candies; and Altoids and Lifesavers mints); Food (Uncle Ben's, Dolmio, Ebly, Masterfoods, Seeds of Change and Royco); Drinks (Alterra Coffee Roasters, The Bright Tea Co., Klix and Flavia); and Symbioscience (Cocoavia and Wisdom Panel); and Petcare (Pedigree, Royal Canin, Whiskas, Kitekat, Banfield Pet Hospital, Cesar, Sheba, Dreamies and Nutro).