Mansfield Oil, Tanknology Form 'Perfect Union'

Brings comprehensive UST compliance services to Mansfield customers nationwide

GAINESVILLE, Ga. -- Mansfield Oil Co., a leader in supply, distribution and delivery of fuel products and supply chain services, has forged a new partnership with leading underground storage tank (UST) environmental compliance services company Tanknology Inc., bringing Tanknology's comprehensive compliance services to Mansfield customers throughout the country.

According to Allen Porter, CEO of Tanknology, this new alliance will make all of Tanknology's environmental compliance services available at preferred customer pricing to the entire nationwide network of fueling facilities [image-nocss] supplied by Mansfield Oil.

"This relationship will allow Mansfield fuel customers to capitalize on large volume discounts, while at the same time working through Mansfield, a company with which they already enjoy a strong working relationship," Porter said. "It's a perfect addition to Mansfield's turnkey solutions for petroleum operators."

Chet Davis, Mansfield Oil's director of fuel systems and services, called the partnership a perfect union of two dominant players in the industry. "Tanknology is, by far, the largest provider of UST testing and related environmental services in the U.S., and Mansfield Oil is one of the largest fuel suppliers in the U.S., delivering more than two billion gallons of fuel each year to our clients. The majority of our clients require the services of Tanknology and this alliance will make those services available to them through a comprehensive single-source solution at discounted prices."

Said Davis: "Mansfield is built on trustworthy, performance-based relationships, with high expectations for continuous reinvention and innovation. Tanknology, with its 22 patents on proprietary testing technologies, and new and innovative services to meet all of the latest environmental regulatory requirements, is strategically aligned with this set of core beliefs. We are confident this program will be of great benefit to our clients."

Gainesville, Ga.-based Mansfield Oil is a downstream oil company delivering a disciplined approach to fuel services nationwide from more than 900 supply terminals. Founded in 1957, it focuses on optimizing and controlling fuel-related costs for its customers.

Based in Austin, Texas, Tanknology operates across America and around the world, providing UST environmental compliance testing and related services at more than 50,000 sites per year, for more than 3,000 customers. Internationally, Tanknology licensees span more than 25 countries, providing services to the largest petroleum operators in the world.